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Paul In Prison

Book of Jude

Sodom & Gomorrah

The Emmaus Road

The Nativity

Jonah - A Fish Story

Acts I & II Insert

Last Supper Shalom

Sermon On The Mount

The Last Days - Temple & Olivet Discourse

Book Of James

Romans 9-11 God's Grace

Resurrection - Day One

Esther Irony & Intrigue

Acting One (in Him)

Showtime? Or Acts of the Holy Spirit?

Renewal Week Theater

These are 8 1/2 X 11 inch flyers. You may customize any of these and add your event information in MS Word or acompatible editor, The are in .Docx format. If it asks for a password, just hit cancel, it will open
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Ebenezer Publicity Postcard - Front
Ebenezer Publicity Postcard - Back
Ebenezer Scrooge Publicity Poster
Ebenzzer Scrooge
Bible Drama Publicity