Drama Ministry - Dramatic Christian Ministries - Narrow Gate Theater - Romans 9 - 11

  God's Grace & Israel's Place

     This excerpt from Paul's Letter to the Romans explains and demonstrates the transition from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant. As we enter through the narrow gate we begin to deeply understand the transition we all must make from death to life.

    Watch and “hear” as Paul explains the Gospel from the perspective of God's chosen people and rejoice that all of us can be grafted into the true Vine, Yeshua Ha Machiach - Jesus the Messiah.
       Logistics & Setup

Dennis Cole as Paul
Sound Management: Dennis requires a lapel mic. DCM will work out the sound cues with the sound people 1 hour prior to the event - please allow for 10 - 15 minutes for this. Our music and sound is on CD or tape,
Props: A tall stool on the podium area would be good. Clear the pulpit only, no need to clear anything else.
Arrival Time:
DCM will arrive at least 1 hour before the service starts to work out details and sound.
Rooms & Water: One room is needed for changing into costume,  Also, please provide water at the podium area.
Information Table:
A table or space on a table for information about this ministry to be set out. It doesn't have to be a large space but we would like it if it could be in a visible location.
Romans 9-11