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Co-Founders, Actors & Ministers - Dennis & Wendy Cole
Dennis & Wendy Cole are the founders, directors and producers of Dramatic Christian Ministries/Narrow Gate Theater.  Dennis has traveled extensively to churches and other venues and is the main actor. They founded Dramatic Christian Ministries in answer to the Lord's call to use their calling to ministry, experience and gifts in acting and Bible teaching. Dennis & Wendy are  firm believers, teachers and actors in God's script for humanity. They believe that the Bible is the perfect “script” for mankind and that all believers are called to “act” according to His Word.

The DCM-NGT acting troupe also is drawn from the places we minister in. We seek to train in acting ministry people to play the parts of the disciples and others in our casted productions. This is a great way for people to immerse themselves in the Word through acting. The parts are are challenging and fun as well as a real growing experience for all. Very often people ask us how they can get training or get more involved with DCM.  We suggest that you schedule a workshop to go along with your DCM production. Workshops are interactive and will really help people to explore acting ministry as the improve their skills.
Dennis & Wendy Cole - Dramatic Christian Ministries, Narrow Gate Theater
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