Drama Ministry - Dramatic Christian Ministries - Narrow Gate Theater - Outreach
DCM will enhance any crusade or outreach event  through drama that brings home the truth of the Gospel in a visual way that people can fully understand and appreciate.  Our presentations will bring people to repentence and salvation in church, in crusades and on the street.

Street Evangelism - "The Walking Word" -  Is just one example of how DCM can be used for an outreach event. Our outreach program features evangelism training and the use of drama to present the Gospel to the world - Sermon on the Mount is the theme of the "Walking Word" outreach.  Participants learn excerpts from the Bible and share with people these scriptures in first century Biblical costume. Passers by get a chance to interact with Jesus and His disciples in this once in a lifetime experience.  Tracts are included and customized for the event.
Outreach & Evangelism
Dramatic Christian Ministries - Outreach Provincetown Mass
The Walking Word - Street Evangelism Outreach, Provincetown, MA