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We teach acting through Scripture dramatizations, improvisations based upon Bible characters, interactive Bible study, fellowship, prayers and the breaking of bread. In this way we endeavor to call on the Holy Spirit to help us drop the masks we hide behind. These workshops are designed to help people hear God's voice in a way that goes beyond Bible study by motivation to action based upon the lives of the disciples depicted in the early church in Acts 2:42 - 47. The Bible speaks of making our bodies a living sacrifice of worship and service. Workships are designed to bring us to a deeper hearing of God's Word in order to bring our soul, body, mind and spirit into a deeper concentration that leads to consecration.

Who Can Benefit? - People who desire to live out a “Kingdom of God” life no matter what their calling may be can benefit from this workshop. The book of James says that if you do what is taught in the Bible you won't forget what you have heard preached. In the doing of the Word, one's hearing is solidified. Through the doing one's ministry is discovered and then refined. The workshops are inclusive of all and will benefit all levels of church ministry.

NGT has a three-fold purpose

First -
Each class is an interactive Bible study - We hear and observe the Bible in order to learn to participate in what it is saying to us. In Evangelistic Acting we not only go to the Bible study, we are the Bible study - we become the living epistles Paul talks of, conversing with one another.

Second - Opening up of one's heart. - When Jesus says “you hypocrites” He is literally saying in the Greek “You who wear masks”. The Bible teaches us to destroy these masks, take them off, empty ourselves and put on Christ; put on love; wear His righteousness and put on the full armor of God.

Third - some will hear God's call to be Actor-Evangelists themselves - We at Dramatic Christian Ministries have a vision for training disciples and creating a world-wide cast of Kingdom Actors for sending out in evangelism and ministry.

A final thought - The kind of acting DCM does is a present work of the Holy Spirit. We learn to take what God has said and bring it into the present where He desires to live out the life of His Son Jesus in us, His children. In this way eternity is born in the heart of the Christian -
"The Kingdom of God is within you".
"Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will never pass away."
Narrow Gate School of Acting