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I just want to take a moment to let you know how much I
appreciated your ministry for us on Sunday.  You were a blessing
to the body, and it was great for me to hear the whole story told at
once, and done in a creative way.  Simply reading that much
scripture would have been difficult to do and maintain good
communications skills.  However, doing it with the drama and
your role playing of the figures presented the Word in a powerful
way.You might also be interested to know that as I left you at the
restaurant yesterday and I was driving home, I saw one of the
men who had been in the early service on the side of the road at
a stranger's house.  I did a u-turn, and spoke with him about
another matter.  However, he affirmed again to me at that time
what he had already said at the end of the service on Sunday
morning.  It was so powerful for him to see the Nativity presented
in a dramatic form.  He was very moved by it, and was expressing
his gratitude that Cottonwood had had you come.  There were
others, of course, but this fellow has made a serious commitment
to Jesus during the past year, so the relationship he has with
Christ is really coming alive for the first time.  The two of you
made a real contribution to his spiritual growth.May God bless
both of you in your labors, and make provision for you according
to His riches in glory!                                                                                        
Pastor Robert G. Smith, Cottonwood CF, Alamogordo, NM
Many Thanks to you and your lovely wife for visiting us a
performing the word of Yahweh and the Torah through James at
Word of Grace this past Sunday.  We were truely blessed. -
Rosechana Gordon, Word Of Grace, Westfield, MA

SUNDAY! May the Lord bless you.  I am hearing good things
from everyone about the impact of the Sermon on the Mount and
God's Grace and Israel's Place.  We forget the power of the word
of God.  It is sharper than a two edged sword! Pastor Hugh, First
Baptist Church, Grants, NM

Dear Mr. Cole, Thank you for blessing me the other night like you
did. I know I haven't known you very long, but I love you. Thanks
again, Blessings, Hannah (12)
Dennis, Thank you for sharing the ministry God gave you. We
have been very blessed. May we all become as little children and
learn afresh from our Great and Awesome God! You beautifully
brought the book of James alive.  - Your Crossway Family,
Palmer, MA
Thank you, so much, for being used by God to influence those in
this small body of believers.  I want to include here, that we went
to another church where there were 5 other small churches like
ours and the subject matter was the same.  Isnít it great how the
Holy Spirit works to help us to grow in our relationship with Christ.
We appreciate you being available to God for service.
Love Pastor Joe and Judy Bryant, Grace Baptist Church,
Alamagordo, NM
After seeing the Book of James presentation from Brother
Dennis, I am calling for a media fast in our church in March. The
message we recieved is to be spiritually purified. Pastor Tim
Tyler, Christ Community Church, Roslindale, MI
It has been such a blessing to have your ministry at our church.
Your ability to bring God's Word alive is such a strong and
passionate way to touch lives. His Word draws men. Your
dramatic presentation and style expressed your emotions and
feelings, as well as the characters. Immediately, you were able to
engage the audience. When I think of theatrical performances, I
immediately think that your supposed to get your socks knocked
off. You, no doubt, are a gentle and humble man. Because of
this, your ministry is successful. People see the Character and
not the man portraying the character. That in itself is more
powerful than "getting your sox's knocked off" by all the fluff! I
felt like I was there in the crowd with His disciples, because the
focus was on the Word! Thank you so much, and may the Lord
continue to direct your ministry in every area. God bless you, your
family and your ministry. - Henry & Kathy, Brewster, MA
We just wanted to say thank you! We know what you do, you do
for the Lord, not for personal thanks or recognition. But we still
want to thank you.

Thank you for the magical way you bring God's Word to life.
Thank you for being so willing to be used as His instrument. And
thank you for standing up for the children of this world. In a time
when so many are "me, me, me" and otherwise would push these
children to the side without a second thought, you are willing to go
out with God's Word and say "Look, look at them, this is what we
are forgetting, God's precious children."

So thank you for opening eyes and hearts every where you go.
We praise God that you came into our lives! You are in our
prayers! Love, Rick & Julie Gillespie
Freedom Road Church, Springfield, OH

Dear Pastor Cole, I just wanted to let you know what I got out of
the Spiritual Emphasis Week that you did at my school,
Markoma. God touched me and let me know that I did not have a
good attitude. By the end of the week, particularly the last service
that we had, God told me that I had to choose to have a good
attitude, and when I chose to do so he would be able to speak to
me! Thank you so much for coming and I hope you will keep in
touch. Susannah, Markoma Christian School, Iowa
Last night after I got home, I was awake for several hours
pondering what I had seen. the Lord gave me the scripture in 1
Kings 10....to help me explain. where it says of the Queen of
Sheba when she visited King Solomon..."It was a true report that
I had....and behold! the half was not told me!" I KNOW the Lord
is using your ministry. My heart was rejoicing. Edna Fitzgerald,
South Bend, IN.
"When I heard you speak the Scriptures from Matthew 23 - 25, it
wasn't memorization; it was from the heart. I saw the difference."
- Woman at Vineyard, Logansport, IN.
"You helped me to see Jesus in a different light, as a person
instead of an entity unable to be reached. As I was on stage with
Dennis I felt like I was really there and feeling the love Jesus has
for us really made me want to be an even better Christian". -
Greater Saint Matthew COGIC
South Bend, IN
"Love you - what a blessing!" - Ohav Shalom, Cathedral City, CA.
"Thank you, as God continues to teach me to listen." - Director of
Mission, APU,Azusa, CA.
"When Jesus hugged me, the whole world turned white and all I
saw was the love of God."
A blessing your ministry is!
Thank you for giving such life to His Word!
Comments from Trinity Christian Church, Iowa
"We'll be in prayer for your ministry." "Loved Ya!" "You are a good
and faithful servant." "I will pray for your ministry. Great! Using the
Word of God is always a great tool that pierces our hearts. I loved
it, keep doing what God leads you to do! God bless you!"
Comments from Calvary Chapel Cape Cod
"Growing up in the church, I have often felt the beatitudes as a
burden, i.e.: I must be meek to inherit. Tonight, I saw them for
the first time as a promise, an assurance, that the Lord would
bring from the pain of life the joy of His presence. Thank you!"
Karalyn, OK

"After you prayed for my mother, her diabetes greatly improved and she is taking better care of herself too." Jacqueline, Agape Church, Three Rivers, MI.
"Thank you - you are and will continue to be a blessing" Mary, Community Congregational Church, South Bend, IN.
"When Jesus walked by during the opening song in Sermon on the Mount I wanted to hug him." Woman - Grace Brethren, Mishawaka, IN.
"As I watched, I entered the Scriptures and I was with the people of the Bible." Grace Brethren, Mishawaka. IN
During the footwashing part of the drama, when you prayed over me, my foot was healed from its surgery. The proof was that was when I stopped using my crutches. - Wesleyan Pastor Nelson Owen, Kingston, NY
"I was sitting in for your "Sermon on the Mount" production in Monica Ganas' Christianity and the Creative Process class today. Your first-person portrayal of the sermon was vivid and alive. Thank you for being an instrument through which the hands of God played a marvelous melody. May the Lord bless your ministry." "But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place."
2 Corinthians 2:14 - Stuart, Azusa Pacific University, CA. - Global Missions Week Conference
"God's people were challenged to bear fruit in their daily lives. blessings to you and your ministry. may your vision for reaching the lost and challenging the saved produce much fruit and so glorify our Father who is in heaven." - Tate Crenshaw, Associate Pastor, Banning Baptist Church, Banning, CA
"I forgot where I was, I felt like I was there" - Woman at Faith Christian Center, South Bend, IN.
"There was more Scripture heard tonight than one might hear in 6 months." U.S.Attorney General John Ashcroft, Arlington AG., Arlington, VA.
"It will change my life, I will never be the same.", "The comments you made after the presentation were very helpful.", "The presentation had so much life!", "It took us from being spectators to being participants.", "When I saw Jesus wash my friend's feet I just started crying.", "You will move churches that are unmovable.", "The ministry you have is very powerful." - Various comments from the people at Chatham Baptist Church, Cape Cod, MA.
"Mom, what is Jesus doing here?!" Little boy at Webstock Christian outreach outdoor concert in Webster, MA.
"Your ministry at SBRC was a knockout. People not only enjoyed it, but many were deeply ministered to." Pastor Abraham, Scranton Rd. Baptist Church, Cleveland, OH.
"My eleven year old who cannot sit through a sermon was completely attentive. He said that Jesus made it simple"
"He washed my feet, it made me feel closer to Jesus, it made me love Him better." Member, Scranton Rd. Baptist Church, Cleveland, Oh.
"It was the most meaningful Bible study on the Sermon on the Mount that I have ever seen" - Pastor Glenn Diller, Grants Pass, Or.
"I was sure that Jesus visited us, it made me so happy for our church" - Church of the Brethren member, Grants Pass, Or.
"God visited us tonight!" Pastor - Canaan AG, Banning, CA
"People are coming for prayer, many for the first time!"
"I take to it heart when "Jesus" speaks the words 'If your right eye sins, pluck it out'."
"I never heard the Word more real!" - (many people say this)
"I was honored that God made His presence known to me this morning."
Homeless man, Hope Rescue Mission, South Bend, IN
"I never saw Jesus this way!"
"I'm much better in dealing with the loss of my son." Pastor's wife - River Park UM, South Bend, IN
"I have encountered God's love, His power, His compassion, His forgiveness."
"Hope has been restored to me."
"It was so timely for my congregation to hear that,
people have been talking about it. God had a word for us." Pastor - 1st Assembly of God of Niles, MI
"You we're so right on with that!"
"This was just wonderful!" Pastor - Shiloh Christian Community, Crestline, CA.
"I was there!" - Homeless woman at Gospel Mission,
South Bend, IN.
"When I saw Jesus leave, I said to myself 'Don't go!', and I started crying, I didn't want Him to go. But then I realized that He was always with me." Woman at Chatham Baptist Church, Chatham MA.
"I thought I knew how much Jesus loved me, but after I saw 'Sermon on the Mount' I knew He loved me even more than I had thought!" - Woman, Michiana Church of God, Granger, IN.
Your message to our body at the end of "Sermon On The Mount".... What you brought to us is becoming a constant message to this church, and the Lord wants it to be different for us. So, brother, your impact on us continues to be important..... - Pastor Otis, Chatham Baptist Church, Chatham, MA
When I watch "Sermon on the Mount" I find myself examining myself to see if I'm like what Jesus is describing.
- Woman at Agape Fellowship Coffee House, Breman, IN.
"Dramatic Christian Ministries with Dennis Cole came to our church, Trinity Community Wesleyan, in Annandale, VA and presented the "Sermon On The Mount" in wonderful dramatic fashion. It was not only effective but memorable, having a lasting impact of God's Word on our congregation. We highly recommend Dramatic Christian Ministries with Dennis, Wendy, and Stephanie Cole to your group."
- Pastor Herb & Sheila Hartman
A blessed ministry - keep on keeping on for Him - Frank & Bev, Shokan Wesleyan
Dear Wendy & Dennis - We so enjoyed your line journey through the book of St. James. I've known you for many years and know Willow was the beginning. Love, Joanie, Willow Wesleyan Church, NY
May your message bring many to Christ - Eric, Lake Katrina, NY
Good! I enjoyed it and I admire your passon for being used by the lord - Krystle, Calvary Chapel, Las Cruces