Drama Ministry - Dramatic Christian Ministries - Narrow Gate Theater - Productions & Setup
    Click on the Presentation tab at top to see a description of our current DCM - NGT productions & presentations.
Included with each description is information on what kind of set up is needed for each production. 

    DCM productions require very little setup and preparation from your church.  We make setup simple in order to minimize effort on the part of the churches we visit and in order to keep the focus on the Word rather than performance.  Each presentation also has bulletins, and posters to go with them.  You can find these under the Publicity tab. For other types of events and performances we are doing, look under the Venues and Theater tabs.  Check back often as we are always adding new productions and events.
Sound Management: Lapel mics. We will work out the sound cues with the sound people 1 hour prior to the event.
Props: Clear the pulpit only, no need to clear anything else.
Arrival Time: Depending on production, DCM will arrive at least 1 hour before the event starts to work out details and sound.
Rooms & Water: Changing Rooms as needed for men and women, one or two are sufficient. Also, please provide water for each cast member.
Information Table: A table or space on a table for information about this ministry to be set out. It doesn't have to be a large space but we would like it if it could be in a visible location. We will bring "holywood Movies" World Vision Child Sponsorship and other small items to show
Production Info