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            *  The Way Of Love Movie Photos

Event Slideshows:
Sermon On The Mount - Calvary Chapel, Albuquerque

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* Suing The Devil Premier Photos
      * VBS In Bedford Iowa

My Wonderful Coma Play Photos

Bibletimes VBS Slideshows:
      * Volinia Baptist Church, Volinia, MI
      *  Bedford Iowa VBS
      *  Ohav Shalom, Cathedral City, CA VBS
      *  Downey CA Marketplace VBS

Slide Shows of Cast Events:
      * For Such A Time As This Slideshow - Book of Esther
      * Last Supper Shalom Worship Dance

Dramatic Christian Ministries - Outreach Provincetown Mass
Dramatic Christian Ministries - Last Supper Shalom Cast
Dramatic Christian Ministries - Stephanie Cole Sermon On The Mount Dance
Dramatic Christian Ministries Dennis Cole Last Supper Shalom
Street Evangelism Outreach, Provincetown, MA
The Last Supper Cast
Sermon On The Mount Ballet - Stephanie Cole
Dennis Cole as Jesus in The Last Supper
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