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Why Drama? Entering the Bible in the present tense shows people God's present love for them and His present transforming power. DCM seeks to provide a pure revelation in the context of theater by enacting the Word of God as it was first breathed by the Spirit. In this way, DCM theatrical Bible presentations are interactive, as when they were first spoken. When people are immersed in the presentations they are saved, inspired and renewed by the active power and love of the Holy Spirit. Our privilege and ministry is to let God's Word speak for itself as we submit our lives and actions as vessels for His glory.

Why This Mission? This mission is so that the truth may be presented, salvation may be obtained, and the heart of believers renewed for submission to God's authority and service to God's kingdom. Hearing the Word and seeing it put into practice brings faith and salvation to the unsaved and a new hearing and awareness of the Word of God enhances the faith of believers and renews dedication to God. It is our mission and ministry to encounter Jesus with those we are sent to minister to. We do this by meeting Him on His terms through His written, living and unchanged Word.

How is DCM Organized & Funded? DCM is a 501c3 non-profit organization that operates on a free will offering basis in support of this mission and is under the spiritual covering and direction of its board of directors.
Why Drama