Drama Ministry - Dramatic Christian Ministries - Narrow Gate Theater - Marketplace 29 A.D. VBS FAQ's
Does everyone need to be in costume? Staff should be required to wear costumes in order to create the Bible Times experience. Costumes create the authenticity for the kids (and adults!). Staff should try to make their costumes as authentic as possible keeping comfort and durability in mind. For the kids, we suggest that you make simple tunics out of inexpensive material and then let the kids decorate them with belts, color-coded to their tribe or class. Headbands are also nice. Hand these tunics out on the first day and decorate the tunics with iron on transfers or whatever you think will be best. The children can make belts and headbands as crafts. Kids should leave the tunics with their leaders and then take them home on the last day. Costuming is a fun and very important part of Bible times.

What should we use for money? Purchase large amount of small pebbles from a garden store or other source, spread them on newspapers and spray-paint them gold. Hand out a handful of gold to each child on the first day. Purchase burlap material and twine to make money pouches for the children. These they can hook on their belts and use the money to buy goodies in the marketplace, pay their taxes and to give to the poor and for tithes! This really is fun for the kids and lends a lot of authenticity to the experience for them.

What kinds of crafts should I make? The programs come with suggestions for crafts and instructions on how to make them. Your staff can also come up with ideas based on their own knowledge. We suggest that you make things like scrolls, mezuzahs, menorahs, rope, candles, pottery, leather goods. Food shops and herb shops give out wonderful smells! Keep it simple and authentic to the time period.

What kinds of sets should we use? Creating a Bible-times village doesn't have to be a lot of work. Canopies, blankets, and a well are the basic “sets” you'll use. Gather sheets, baskets and pots to create shops and see your VBS come alive. A large tub makes a great well or Pool of Siloam. Marketplace works as well indoors as it does outdoors.

Can I use the curriculum for mixed ages? Yes. Simply form combined-age elementary Tribes including one or two kids from each age level along with an adult or teenage leader and assistant leader. Mixed-age Tribes will still maintain a family feel. If you want to include preschoolers, create smaller Tribes of five children to one Tribe Leader.

Can our VBS be shorter than 5 days? Yes! If time constraints only allow you to do a 4-day by condensing 2 of the days into one day.

Do the programs work with smaller churches? Yes it does! This program is versatile enough for small churches. You can be as creative with a few as well as with many! If your church is small you may want to combine your VBS with other small churches in your area. This will give your volunteers an opportunity to work with other churches as an added benefit.

Can these programs be done at night? Absolutely! There is no difference between night and day as long as your area is well lighted or you can do the VBS in your all purpose room or your sanctuary. We have done both day and night, indoor or outdoor programs with equal success.