Drama Ministry - Dramatic Christian Ministries - Narrow Gate Theater - Marketplace 29 A.D. VBS

          The Shofar Sounds And The Market Opens......

Dressed in Biblical costumes, children, teens and adults "live" in Biblical Jewish "families" learning many of the Jewish Biblical customs. Tribal leaders teach the lesson of the day.  The high priest or even Jesus may visit the tribal families!

Dramas right from the Bible happen in the marketplace en-acting Biblical stories. Bible-Times characters stroll through the marketplace and interact with the children in the first person. Tax-collectors, Centurians, Blind Men and Beggars populate the marketplace and enhance children's understanding AND their compassion!. Jesus is there to teach, and to ask questions of.

Songs and Jewish dances are heard, seen and experienced by both youth and adults

Children become apprentices in occupational shops of their choice and experience different crafts and arts of Bible times.

Shopkeepers share the special events of the day with the children.
A Synagogue School is in session..

Snacks are "sold" in the Marketplace - Children experience the foods of the Bible.

Seamlessly blends Christian teaching with Jewish roots of Christianity.
Bible Times Experience