Drama Ministry - Dramatic Christian Ministries - Narrow Gate Theater - Acting One

   This presentation is dramatic Bible characterization, preaching and teaching.  In this drama about Kingdom Acting  we draw from the Beatitudes. Scripture shows us what and who to be and how to get there. We also draw from John 14 & 15.

  The perfect script for acting is the Bible which is highly personal in the Person of the Holy Spirit. This is a revelation into Jesus' own words "He who obeys My Word loves Me" and illustrates the relationship of the believer as a branch on the True Vine, Jesus. This production prepares us for the world we live in today - "I tell you this so you won't go astray."
       Logistics & Setup

Dennis Cole as all the characters
Sound Management: Dennis requires a lapel mic. DCM will work out the sound cues with the sound people 1 hour prior to the event.
Props: A tall stool on the podium area would be good. Clear the pulpit only, no need to clear anything else.
Arrival Time: DCM will arrive at least 1 hour before the service starts to work out details and sound.
Rooms & Water: One room is needed for changing into costume. Also, please provide water at the podium area.
Information Table: A table or space on a table for information about this ministry to be set out. It doesn't have to be a large space but we would like it if it could be in a visible location.
Acting One (In Him)