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Bring drama to your VBS with the full immersion Marketplace 29 A.D.
Bible Times Experience curriculum.  We highly recommend the
critically acclaimed 8 original Marketplace 29 A.D. Bible Times
Experience curriculums from B.J. Goetz Publishing! These wonderful
and unique curriculums present many opportunities for first person
Bible immersion for both VBS and Sunday School. If you want a
deeper and more meaningful time that will teach children about the
Jewish roots of their faith and bring the Bible alive, these curriculums
will fulfill that purpose. The BJ Goetz curricula are an exciting
experience for all involved, both children and workers, and are highly
adaptable to Sunday School and VBS programs and time
constraints. They are easy to plan and implement and cost of
materials is minimal.  Creativity is inspired among both children &

We have purchased the entire set of 8 Bible Times Curricula.
Because of this, we can make our own program material available at
no cost to whoever does VBS with us. This will save your church a
very considerable amount of money as you won't need to purchase a
VBS program.(We do not sell curriculum - the following are what we
currently use in our program which we make available to our clients
free of charge)

Marketplace 29 A.D.1st Century Marketplace Experience - Early
ministry of Jesus, Jewish families, culture and trades - Four Gospels

Antioch A.D. 49 - Paul's Missionary Journeys - Early journeys of
Paul - apprentices learn Greek and Roman trades and culture - Book
of Acts

Christ's Chosen A.D. 27-28 - Jesus Chooses His Disciples and
commissions all to be "fishers of men". Learn the Lord's prayer and
experience the Sermon on the Mount - Four Gospels

B.C. 1440 - Build A Holy Place - Build the First Tabernacle and
furnish it as God directed Moses and the children of Israel - Exodus

Advent Journey - The Birth of Yeshua Ha Machiach! - Bethlehem
& the Marketplace During Messiah's Birth. Family groups travel
through eight experiences which lead to a grotto in Bethlehem.
Candlelight service finale. - Luke

His Last Week - A.D. 30 - Experiences Leading to the Crucifixion;
culminating in the Resurrection! - Four Gospels

Dramatic Christian Ministries will coordinate with your leaders to
bring authentic drama to the program. We will meet with your leaders
each day before and after the VBS for prayer and sharing of ideas
and working out problems. We will train a cast to bring life-like
dramas to the marketplace and this will promote a real-time Bible
days atmosphere. We will work with your staff to help them bring the
marketplace alive to the children. DCM will be there each day for the
entire VBS in character and interacting with the VBS participants.
Our experience will be a great help in keeping the VBS focused and
on track.

We will work with you on an individual basis in order for you to help
you keep within your budget. The program itself will cost nothing
since DCM will lend you their VBS program to use.