Beyond the Sky

Beyond the Sky Image

Thomas and Avery ditch class at an aerospace museum field-trip and spend their day playing in the museum basement. When they are ready to join up with their class they discover everyone has left. Confused about being left behind, they are greeted by the night museum janitor. On the way to his office, he shows the boys an upcoming exhibit that takes them Beyond The Sky which helps one boy's life to be eternally changed.

Beyond The Sky is a visual Gospel presentation that not only entertains but educates the viewer on how to inherit eternal life. This 15 minute short film can help someone you know discover the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Included with the DVD
•5 Questions to stimulate discussion after showing the film
•An accompanying tract to help guide someone through the Gospel
•9 principles to keep in mind as you share the Good News.

Crown Festival Awards
•Winner Best Children's Film
•Winner Best Youth Film
•Winner Best Short Film

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